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19 Highlights of 2019

1. “I really loved the welcome back barbecue! I got to invite so many different friends to attend and see them all interact together and really enjoy themselves, all in the comfort of the Hillel. It felt like my two worlds coming together!” Lucas Dauer

2. “My Hillel highlight was being a part of the Hillel 818 Giving Tuesday campaign.” Sharona Schnall

3. “My highlight was the Hillel hike. It was a really nice and relaxing hike.” Noah Kalal

4. “My Hillel highlight was formal. It was the most fun dance I’ve ever been to.” Adam Cohen

5. “2019 was my first time ever walking into Hillel and I felt extremely welcomed.” Joshua Moradifar

6. “My Hillel highlight was probably formal. It was such a great way to kick off the semester before finals and be able to hang out with everyone all dressed up!” Sarah Banfalvi

7. "I really loved and enjoyed the Shabbat dinners. They honestly made me feel very welcome and at home“ Jonathan Haronian

8. “My Hillel highlight would probably be the first night I went to Shabbat services. I was welcomed very warmly, and I appreciated hearing prayers from home that made me feel more comfortable in Northridge.” Kaitlyn Korn

9. “My Hillel highlight of 2019 was attending the events that my friends were able to host through the support of Hillel and making memories at those events that continues to help me bond with the members of CSUN’s Jewish community.” Stefanie Krausz

10. “My Hillel highlight of 2019 is a tie between attending AIPAC and the first PCH (Persian Community at Hillel) event! At AIPAC I had the opportunity to learn more about Israel and the PCH dinner was amazing because I had good food with better friends.” Pouya Reihani

11. “Experiencing Judaism through art with my friends and community members through our Ohamnut program; which I am so blessed to produce with our beloved staff member, Paulette.” Aubrey Golding

12. “I loved getting the chance to connect with nature and new friends during the Hillel Hike.” Shayda Gowhari

13. “My Hillel highlight of 2019 is getting College of the Canyon’s Jewish Club officially chartered into Hillel 818 and being able to introduce students from my college to the greater Jewish community of the valley.” Sean Arison

14. “One of my Hillel highlights was when we had the Yom Ha'atzmaut party and Ariella's birthday party. Seeing the community come together to celebrate both Israel and a Hillel staff member was incredible to be a part of.” Maya Lev

15. “My 2019 Hillel Highlight was being part of the committee that hired the new executive director of Hillel. I really appreciated how David and the Hillel 818 board trusted me and my opinion.” Dina Sassoones

16. “My Hillel highlight was the sound bath Shabbat. It was so soothing to participate in a sound bath and then bring in Shabbat with such a clear and calm mind.” Ronit Chavol

17. “My Hillel highlight was when we made the menorahs during the Hanukkah craft event with Ohmanut.” Alexandra Hoffman

18. "My Hillel highlight of 2019 was planning and hosting Formal! It was fun to dress up in theme for the 80s and get creative with decorating. It was a lot of hard work and I appreciated all of the help from my peers and everyone had a wonderful time!” Sandra Faramarzi

19. “My Hillel highlight was having my bat mitzvah in Israel during Birthright. Without my Birthright experience, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do one and it was so special.” Rachel Carigan

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