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7 Things You Should Know About Hillel 818

by Sarah Banfalvi and Adam Cohen

Everyone knows that Hillel 818 offers incredible programs, is frequented by some of the most amazing students from CSUN, Pierce College, and LA Valley College, and is the center for Jewish life on campus. But Adam Cohen and Sarah Banfalvi are here to share with you some inside info that they think you need to know.

1. No money? No problem.

Our events are free to our students! We host weekly lunches at CSUN, Pierce and LA Valley Colleges, as well as host Mishmar (Jewish learning) with Rabbi Bryan every Tuesday evening, and Shabbat dinners biweekly.

2. We are accommodating to Jewish Standard Time, Persian Standard Time, and even just standard time.

At Hillel 818, we are always trying to incorporate the customs and traditions of all of our students. And we also know that sometimes it’s nice to meet people from the same background, so funded in part by a Cutting Edge Grant by the Jewish Community Foundation, Hillel 818 has three identity groups that run regular programming throughout the year: PCH (Persian Community at Hillel), Russian Speaking Jewish Club, and a Mishelanu club (for Hebrew speakers).

3. Let us be your side hustle.

Feel like you have to make a choice between your part time job and getting involved with Hillel 818? Think again! Hillel offers a ton of paid internship opportunities, so you can help plan programs and share the Hillel 818 story while also bringing home some extra cash!

4. Parking is easy peasy.

Whether at our temporary location at Merridy Street (where there is street parking galore) or once we’re back at our newly renovated building on Plummer Street (where we have our own parking lot), parking is free and plentiful.

5. We have new stains on our carpet every week and don’t know where they’ve come from.

Is that grape juice or chicken grease? We have so much going on in our building each week, from Mishmar (Jewish learning) with Rabbi Bryan, to Ohmanut Arts programs, to our Israel Fellowships, to Shabbat, that it’s hard to keep track of what is from where and who did what! There really is something for everyone.

6. We’re taking steps to be more environmentally conscious.

Our interns, in collaboration with Hillel’s creative network, Ohmanut, have painted recycling bins and distributed them to local Jewish organizations.

7. Free swag!

If none of the above convinces you, know this: Hillel 818 always has a stash of free Hillel 818 pens, notepads, metal straws, frisbees, phone wallets, and more. And if you’re anything like us, you could always use an extra pen.

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