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A Capella at Hillel 818

by Sean Arison and Tori Oliphant

This November we will be starting an a capella group at Hillel 818! We are super excited to be able to bring musical expression to Hillel and build a warm community of musicians and music appreciation. Since all students will be welcomed to join our a capella group regardless of previous experience with music, we are looking forward to being able to help students begin their musical journeys or enrich what progress they may have already made. The direction of our performances will be tailored to the preferences of our group, so we are eager to shape our style to what resonates with our members. We hope that our a capella group will become a warm community where people can learn to open up, bring people together, and have fun in a welcoming musical environment. If you know anyone who might be interested, tell them to get in touch. Let’s make some music!

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