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Announcing zClubs

by Aubrey Golding

Vision boarding, menorah making, Russian cooking lessons, stand up comedy in the Sukkah… As I enter my 5th year at Hillel 818, I thought I had seen every type of program imaginable. But this year, as we adapt to the reality of a digital semester, Hillel 818 has had to get creative in order to stay relevant.

And Hillel MUST stay relevant. Today’s students are facing great adversity, as many of us take online classes for the first time, live through intense polarization and political divide, and worry about the health and safety of our families. In order to preserve our own mental, emotional, and physical health during these challenging times, we need social connection and community more than ever.

And so, I’d like to introduce you to the hottest clubs ever to rock the world wide web… Hillel 818’s zClub network! 

zClubs are 818’s digital interest groups, run by our own student leaders and staff on zoom. Some meet weekly, others twice a month, and some once a month. zClub student leaders are all paid Hillel 818 engagement interns, who get to help shape their Jewish college experience, and have a valuable (and for many their first) work experience.

Some of our zClubs are adaptations of longtime staple Hillel 818 programming, and some are brand new programs! As we continuously add and launch new zClubs to our growing network, we hope you will give yourself a break and come connect with us! Click here to see our current list and schedule for zClubs!

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