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Student Spotlight: Ariel Haim

Ariel was lucky to have an amazing group of high school friends, but when they all left for different colleges, for the first time she felt alone. The beginning of her journey at CSUN was tough. But things changed when a friend invited her to join a Tuesday Hillel lunch on campus. Ariel says that meeting the Hillel 818 crowd, she "instantly felt that energy and positivity. Hillel provided me a space to share my thoughts and feelings, knowing that I will not be judged for expressing myself."

Since then, Ariel has become one of Hillel 818's top leaders. She has participated in the Jewish Learning Fellowship, Engaging with Conflict Israel Fellowship, and currently serves as a Hillel 818 intern and member of the Hillel 818 Council.

Through the council, Ariel is working to improve Hillel's strategic decision making via better program assessment. Using skills learned at CSUN, Ariel is creating an optimized post event survey and analysis process, so that Hillel 818 can use student feedback to make data informed conclusions and improvements, ultimately hoping to bring more students to the Hillel community.

Ariel enjoys being a Hillel Council member, knowing that her project can make a difference in future programming and engagement. Throughout her Hillel journey, she has developed leadership and teamwork skills. She strives to help others and make everyone feel welcomed.

Ariel is expected to graduate from CSUN in December of 2021 with a degree in Business Management and Finance from the David Nazarian College of Business and Economics.

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