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Board Member Spotlight: Adam Pilder

“Being Jewish is part of my life, it is my identity. To be Jewish is one of the most amazing things in my life.” - Adam Pilder

As a seasoned nonprofit professional, Adam Pilder understands the importance of community. Growing up in West Bloomfield, Michigan, Adam's initial involvement with the Jewish community began at an early age through synagogue and Hebrew school. Decades later, while working at the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles, he was introduced to longtime Hillel 818 Board Chair Earl Granetz (z"l). It was through his connection to Earl, as well as his own experiences with Hillel while a student at Eastern Michigan University, that Adam felt pushed to continue his involvement with the Jewish community.

As the current Senior Philanthropy Director at Providence Tarzana hospital, Adam feels proud to contribute his fundraising expertise to his volunteer work at Hillel 818. While working at a hospital during a pandemic has certainly been stressful, he loves what he does and feels invested in helping Providence Tarzana become a better facility to serve the public. Working both at Hillel and Providence aligns with his goals because he is raising money for great causes. He feels incredible knowing his fundraising efforts provide better access to care that patients need. Likewise, he is proud his involvement in Hillel helps keep the Jewish tradition alive on college campuses. Always looking on the bright side, he knows better days are ahead.

Adam believes in l'dor v'dor, and wants to be a role model for a new generation of Jewish young adults entering college. He is particularly concerned about support for Israel, and encourages students to be informed and educated about Judaism. He believes that with the help of Hillel 818, students are able to have a free space to discuss issues and conflicts. Adam believes it is crucial to instill this mindset unto incoming college generations, and believes in the power of the Hillel 818 community to do so.

Adam’s message for Jewish students is giving tzedakah (charity), doing good for others. Although it does not have to be giving money, he feels is it important for young adults to do community service through volunteering and lending a hand. Adam strives for students to be involved and be proud of their Jewish heritage. As he mentions, “It is our job to educate others and younger generations about Judaism and anti-Semitism.” It is crucial that future generations continue to be proud of being Jewish and to continue support for Israel and combat anti-Semitism on campuses. Hillel holds a very special place in Adam’s heart, as it is a great place to instill values, such as social support, education, tradition, and culture.

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