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Board Member Spotlight: Ellen Silverman

“My main area of interest is the next generation of Jews, connecting people to their Judaism and our Jewish community,” says Board Member Ellen Silverman. Like many Hillel stories, Ellen's involvement in Hillel 818 started with a coffee date!

Ellen has long been dedicated to the Jewish community, having worked alongside Kathi on various volunteer opportunities through the Los Angeles Jewish Federation. When Kathi shared all about the services and opportunities offered to students by Hillel, Ellen knew it fit perfectly with her beliefs and interests. In 2019 she accepted the position as a board member. Ellen is proud to service with a group of interesting, intelligent, diverse, and committed group of people. Ellen looks forward to utilizing her skillset and continue to learn about how she can best support the students and programs at Hillel 818.

Ellen loves spreading awareness about Hillel’s services and opportunities. Working with others who aim for a collective idea and goal is a very fulfilling feeling for her. She feels passionate about the work being done, and the inclusivity Hillel delivers. She is particularly grateful that the Board helps engage students and for upcoming generations. Being a member of the Board of Directors has provided her the opportunity to dive deeper and learn more about the services offered at Hillel. Ellen strives for students to know that Hillel serves as a Jewish community and a support system among other Jewish people and students. She is optimistic about Hillel’s future as it will only get bigger and better.

Ellen believes “it is the role of any leader or any participant in Jewish life is to find people who will take our place in the future.” As someone who is concerned about connecting Jewish students with each other and their community, she believes in Hillel 818's mission. She wants students to feel connected with their Judaism in ways that are meaningful to them. She believes it is crucial to know that a Jewish community is there to provide services for college students, including mental health support, food insecurity support, or even social support. Hillel will find a way to gracefully assist you without making you feel uncomfortable.

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