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Change at Hillel 818

by Aubrey Golding

I’ve been super involved in Hillel for the past few years, so I was particularly anxious about the arrival of a new Executive Director. Would they understand the unique Hillel 818 culture? Would they listen to the thoughts and needs of the students? Luckily, in the first few months since Matt joined our team at Hillel 818, the vibe has already shifted in a positive way. Our Shabbat services are filled with music and faces that are both familiar and unfamiliar. He has brought a new crowd of students who want to engage in pluralistic expressions of the Jewishness and celebrations of Judaism. I am so happy to see new forms of engagement and new participants both in the building and on campus! Matt has joined our lunches once a month and listens to students' interests and passions. Since he's started, my Jewish sorority, Sigma AEPi has been given good support and outreach through Hillel 818! It’s been an awesome first few months and I can’t wait to see how things continue to improve through the rest of the year!

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