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High Holidays at Hillel 818!

As September comes to an end, as well as a month full of High Holidays, let's take some time to reflect on how we celebrated with students!

For Rosh Hashanah, we gathered at the home of our board member, Laura Cohen, for apples and honey tasting! We tried all different types of honey and apples. Even after trying all the apples, I kept coming back for more honeycrisp apples. The following week, Max led us in prayer and mediation at Temple Judea for Yom Kippur. We spent the hour relaxing and reflecting on this past year through journaling.

Although we didn't have a sukkah at Hillel, we still found ways to celebrate Sukkot! Our OU-JLIC couple, Rabbi Bryan and Sondra Borenstein, hosted a game night with sushi at the sukkah they built at their home! Instead of hosting Shabbat, we gave out Sukkot-themed Shabbat boxes to our students. With our Shabbat boxes, we give our students everything they need to celebrate Shabbat at home!

The High Holidays are almost over, and we still have Simchat Torah this week. Hillel 818 is closed for Simchat Torah this year. If we were to host a Simchat Torah event next year, what do you think it should be? Let us know! Till then, I hope everyone has a sweet new year and a better 5782!

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