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Hillel 2021 Wrapped: Formal

by Alex Bogoniewski (Hillel 818 Programming Intern)

Hillel 818 hosted some fabulous events this semester while tackling the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic. From Netflix with Noah, to my very own Hillel Formal, we adapted to the virtual environment and had amazing student involvement. As the large-scale programming intern, I planned Hillel formal, which is a semi-formal event highlighting the achievement of completing a semester of university and celebrating Hanukkah. While planning a formal event for 70 people was not easy, having the assistance of the wonderful staff and interns made the transition from virtual events to in person easy. Hosting this event was my proudest moment as we all came together as a Hillel family and finally celebrated the start of in person events. I would recommend the Hillel internship to prospective students and loved the time I spent (and still am) working with Hillel.

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