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Hillel 2021 Wrapped: Game Nights

by Yaniv Avraham (Hillel 818 Programming Intern)

During the fall semester, I have been working as a Programming Intern for Hillel 818. I was the Game Night Intern where I worked on setting up fun events to add some flavor to Hillel 818. I was blessed with the opportunity to host and put on four events in the last few months.

My first event was called Minute to Win It. It was inspired by the game show of the same name. Even with the presence of rain and thunderstorms looming, our event was still able to go on and it was a blast! My biggest impression from that first Hillel event was being able to appreciate the hard work paying off after hosting such a wonderful event. My proudest moment of being a Hillel intern is actually a tie between hosting my Murder Mystery dinner for Spooky Week and having a whole week dedicated to Game Night programming. It was a delight to see almost all of our guests arriving in their great costumes and being an active participant in what was a great night! We were able to give out prizes for the best costume, best acting, and who was able to solve the mystery. I also have to mention my Game Week collaboration with Mishelanu, our Israeli-American club at Hillel818. Our game night at the Merridy House was one of our most popular events this semester. We hope to bring it back for the Spring semester! What surprised me the most about being a Hillel intern was just how amazing our faculty and fellow interns are. We are all here with the same mission of enriching and fostering our unique Jewish community and I felt like we accomplished that goal. I have nothing but gratitude towards Hillel 818 and I recommend everyone stop by for more of our amazing events going on this Spring!

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