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Hillel 818's April in Photos

April kicked off with Passover where we had the chance to indulge in many a matzoh pizza, watch The Prince of Egypt, and celebrate Mimouna to wrap up the week. Our students also learned how to cook breakfast for dinner on a budget, competed in two different Mario-themed tournaments, and wrapped up the month with Israel Week!

Macabbiah Games Finale- Mario Party Live: The final event in the 2023 Macabbiah Games where the four teams competed in a live version of Mario Party to win it all!

Mimouna: We celebrated the end of Passover with this Moroccan celebration filed with sweets, some crafts, henna, and belly dancing.

Mario Kart Tournament: Our students had a fun time competing to determine who would be the victor in Mario Kart this semester.

Casino Night Shabbat: We turned our social hall into a casino after Shabbat services for our students to eat some good food, play some fun games, and gamble some candy.

Boker & Spa Israeli: We had an Israeli spa morning with some breakfast to kick off our annual Israel Week.

Hamsa Glass Etching: Everyone got crafty at this event and got to decorate a mirror with a hamsa in the middle to honor the artisans of Israel.

Laughs and L'Chaims: For our Yom Ha'Atzmaut celebration we welcomed Comedy for Peace for a great series of stand up comedians and for an Israeli-style barbecue.

Israel Brunch & Learn: Our bi-weekly Israel learning session was focused on the history of Israeli fashion, looking at fashion from the kibbutz to modern-day, big city fashion.

Israel Shabbat: We closed out Israel Week with an Israeli-style Shabbat service, dinner, and a series of games infused with Israeli culture.

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