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Engaging with Conflict: The Israel Learning Fellowship

Join us for a 6-part learning cohort surrounding discussions on Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with Resetting the Table. Especially in times of high intensity like this one, it can be difficult to talk openly and honestly about what's going on and our reactions to it. Many of us might feel like everyone has an agenda and there's no one you can trust to tell the truth. Others have so many conflicting and ambivalent feelings, we don't know where to start. Or maybe we know exactly where we stand and what we think - but are having trouble communicating with people who aren't on the same page. This is for you.

We'll be diving deep into the history and current moment of the region, with explicit attention paid to the different narratives told from Jewish, Israeli, and Palestinian perspectives. Participants will gain tools to speak across differences in viewpoints and an opportunity to discuss, share, and listen in a non-judgmental facilitated environment.

Fill out the application below if you are interested! First session is Monday, October 19.

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