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Join me at Mishelanu!

By Tammy Aclander

On Monday, October 28th, the second Mishelanu event of the semester took place at Hillel. We planned a number of fun activities in order to practice our team-building skills, as well as build relationships between the members of the group. We started off the night by separating ourselves into two groups and went to a round of stations that had different kinds of activities. One game we participated in was to name cities in Israel that start with each letter of the alphabet. Another game we played had each member go around an obstacle course, while balancing a hard-boiled egg on a spoon in their mouth. As each member completed this challenge, it gave us the opportunity to cheer on our teammates. Finally, we ended the night by eating some yummy pasta and Israeli snacks such as Bamba and Bissili. It was an amazing event!

In my short time at Hillel 818, Mishelanu has already become a beloved part of my college experience. The group helps Hillel 818’s Israel-American community feel more at home at Hillel. I hope you'll join me next time!

Mishelanu is Hillel 818's group for Israeli-American Hebrew speaking Jews at CSUN, Pierce College, and Valley College. It is in partnership with the Jewish Community Foundation.

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