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"This Doesn't Feel Like College" - Maya Kimia's Hillel Story

Class had just ended and Maya found herself alone in the lecture hall. She checked her phone – it was 11am and her next class wasn’t until 1. So with nothing to do and nowhere to go, Maya warily walked to her car and drove home. During her first semester at CSUN, Maya made the 20 minute drive home in between classes more often than not. “This doesn’t feel like college,” Maya lamented.

She felt alone, discombobulated, and worried her college years would be spent at home doing nothing. Unfortunately, this is all too common at commuter campuses. Either due to significant part time jobs, responsibilities at home, or the lack of community on campus, a lot of students spend their time in between classes feeling alone.

Everything changed when Maya was introduced to Hillel 818. Today, Maya spends almost all of her time in between classes at Hillel 818. She credits Hillel for changing her life and giving her a home on campus. Maya made her best friends through Hillel 818 and has been one of our superstar leaders for the past 3 years. As a member of the Hillel Council, Maya builds bridges between Hillel 818 and other clubs at CSUN. As a Hillel Intern, she’s running programming for first year students. Over the years, Maya could be found cooking up a shabbat storm in the Hillel kitchen, running countless programs, or meeting with her SAEPi sisters.

Hillel 818 serves over 6,500 Jewish undergraduate students who like Maya are searching for their home on campus. Our staff and student leaders work tirelessly to ensure that Hillel 818 is the most welcoming, engaging, and impactful Jewish community possible, whether in person or online. But we can’t do our work without your financial support. Your investment in our community allows us to impact more students like Maya, helping them to overcome the realities of a commuter campus, social distancing, and so much more.

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