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My JLF Experience

by Naomi Levine Sporer

My experience so far in JLF (Jewish Learning Fellowship) has been very informative and fun. It's been really nice being able to connect with other Jewish people and talk about our experiences as well as learning about Judaism at a deeper level. So far, my favorite question we've talked about is Shabbat and the importance of community. These two topics have been impactful for me because growing up. Jewish, Shabbat was always my favorite part of the week to spend time with my family.

And celebrating and spending Jewish holidays with my family has always been so much fun. I have so many memories from them and I can't wait to make many more. In JLF, I've learned that being Jewish, no matter where you go, there will always be a Jewish community that will welcome you with open arms. I can't wait to learn more in JLF!

Interested in joining our Jewish Learning Fellowship next year? Want to join the conversation and ask questions about Judaism? Join us this Friday at Hillel 818 for our JLF Shabbat! Services start at 6:15pm and dinner is served at 7pm. Open for all Hillel 818 students!

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