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Student Spotlight: Aubrey Golding

When Aubrey Golding first started to get involved in programs at Hillel 818, she didn't expect to find the home-away-from-home she needed. At Hillel she found a place where she made lasting friendships, relationships, and memories. It was also at Hillel where she found a passion for helping other Jewish students feel connected to their Jewish identity as well as the Jewish community at large. She hopes her Hillel Council project, a workshop series entitled the "Jewish Careers and Community Initiative" will encourage other students to stay involved in the Jewish community post-college.

Recent workshops hosted by JCCI have included: Advocacy 101 with Amy Friedman Cecil, Direction of Education at Jewish World Watch, and a panel in partnership with JQ International about Jewish Queer professionals in the college and career workspace. Aubrey hopes these workshops will encourage students to get involved within the large spectrum of Jewish life. She believes that, by inviting interesting guest speakers to share their passions with Hillel 818 students, they will feel empowered to remain active in the Jewish community post-graduation.

She believes her project will make a difference in the Hillel community by providing students with academic/career and leadership skills. Additionally, her project allows for Hillel to strengthen their partnerships with other nonprofits that share similar values. By offering more to campus communities, it serves as a chance to grow our presence on our college campuses. With more to offer to campuses, there will be an increase in presence and recognizability. Aubrey feels proud of her project because of her passion to keep the Jewish community strong through connection and support.

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