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Student Spotlight: David Tahoor

“The most important thing to me is serving my Jewish community, and I wouldn’t give it up for the world.”

David Tahoor is an undergraduate student majoring in Business Law at CSUN who is passionate about serving the Jewish community. David is a busy guy; in addition to serving as an intern at Hillel 818, he is also on the Board of AEPI, the Jewish fraternity at CSUN, and the current President of Matadors for Israel (MFI), an Israel advocacy and awareness organization at CSUN.

David first built his relationship with Hillel 818 while a student at Pierce College; he would regularly attend the weekly lunchtime events, where he learned about Hillel’s mission and other ways to get involved. When David transferred to CSUN, he knew the power of the Hillel community would help him stay engaged and involved in the Jewish community on campus. Thanks to some encouragement from another Hillel 818 student, David put his leadership skills to good use and quickly joined Matadors for Israel. As the President of the student organization, he believes it is a fantastic opportunity to help educate those unfamiliar with Israel and advocate for the country itself.

Working with Hillel is David’s favorite part as a student intern. Beyond just participating in Hillel 818 programs, David finds fulfillment in preparing and holding events for others in his community and is thrilled to be able to do that thanks to his involvement in Hillel 818. He values having a community to enjoy his Judaism with, celebrate holidays, and talk about Israel advocacy. In all the craziness that has happened in the past year, he likes that Hillel 818 gives him a chance to reconnect with the joys of Judaism.

David is particularly proud of the events that Matadors for Israel has held this semester. From bringing IDF soldiers to speak to students about their personal experiences serving in the Israeli army to an Israel 101 education and history program for those who may be less knowledgeable about the country, he believes that information and education are critical to be a successful advocate. As President, David passionately enjoys outreach and interacting with new people. His priority is to keep the awareness of anti-Semitism alive and put Israel in a better light.

He wants students to know that Hillel 818 will always be there for those who want to be more connected within the Jewish community. David would like to thank Hillel for his leadership and growth that he experienced throughout his position.

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