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TikTok with Tiffany

By Tiffany Brown, CSUN student, Hillel Social Media Intern, Hillel Council Member

I have been working as Hillel 818's social media intern since September. One of the opportunities that I've had with this position is to work on and create content for the Hillel 818 TikTok account. I have learned so much about social media and TikTok from this! I have been able to use the platform to show how fun our events are using event recaps and put a Hillel 818 spin on many different trends.

From these things, I have been able to grow the account, increasing followers and engagement rate on both likes and views. It has been a lot of fun creating content that people are enjoying and using Hillel 818 to express my creative side. I can't wait to continue to show people how amazing it is to be a part of the Jewish community that is Hillel 818 throughout the rest of my time as the social media intern.

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