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Wellness Week

by Tiffany Brown (Hillel Council Member and intern)

Throughout this week, we are going to be sharing different wellness topics on our Instagram stories for my Hillel Council project. Hillel Council is the official student leader fellowship of Hillel 818. Wellness and mental health are two extremely important things to know about and have information on, especially for college students. The five topics we are going to cover throughout the week are gratitude, breathing, stress, confidence, and sleep. Gratitude is the quality of being thankful, showing appreciation for others, and returning kindness. An exercise to display your gratitude is called gratitude countdown where you name three things or people you are grateful for. Breathing techniques that are beneficial to know and practice are 4-2-4 and 4-7-8 where you breathe in for the amount of seconds as the first number hold for the second number and breath out for the last. Stress is something that is unavoidable, but a way to help manage it better is using mindful walking, where you walk for no other purpose than to enjoy the world around you. An exercise to help improve your confidence is by using body scans. Lastly, journaling or just thinking about your day can help improve your sleep. For even more information, head over to the Hillel instagram and check out the stories. If you are reading this after our wellness week, check out our wellness highlight.

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