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Why We're Looking Forward


We have a lot to look forward to. As things start to get back to "normal" we can't help but look towards the future. There is just so much to be excited about! From our new building (featured here yesterday!) to being able to have Shabbat dinner together as a Hillel kehilah (community), here are some of the reasons we are smiling about the future.

Looking Forward:

I’m looking forward to safely spending time with PEOPLE next year! Seeing our wonderful board members and professional staff in person at our meetings. Meeting with supporters and community members to show off our new building. Sitting at the Hillel 818 Shabbat table with students and hearing what they’re most excited about for next year. I hope you’ll all join me! - Kathi Mangel Board Chair

This year at Hillel 818 has been great, but events on zoom are not the same as hanging out in person with my friends. When we are back on campus next year, I’m so excited to experience Hillel’s in-person events and celebrate Jewish holidays with everyone I’ve met online! I’ve met so many amazing people through Hillel’s online events, and I can’t wait to get a taste of what the Jewish college experience is like! - Ally Walker CSUN Student

I am so excited to be back in person in our brand new, state-of-the-art building next year, and so grateful we'll have this amazing space where we can elevate our student engagement efforts. I'm looking forward to meeting students where they're at on and around campus and trying every drink on the Freudian Sip menu while going out for coffee with them! I'm excited to connect with the broader campus communities and build bridges to further support our students. I can't wait to welcome incoming first year and transfer students to the Hillel 818 family and to see everyone in person again at our fall events. Welcome week can't come soon enough! - Ally Gerstley, Manager of Student Engagement

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