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#WhyWereSmiling - The New Building

We can’t help it. Thinking about our amazing new building opening this Fall makes our students smile from ear to ear. Read why below, consider making a donation to our Global Giving Week campaign, and come smile with us!

The New Building Makes Me Smile Because:

There’s amazing space in the backyard for an incredible Hillel community garden! The new building will give us a great opportunity for this idea to flourish!

-Alex Hoffman

We’re going to use our new spacious lobby to create the warm and inviting Hillel culture, that hooked me into Hillel life, right from your first step in the building. I’m also an architect buff and the renderings are giving me a lot to look forward to!

-Lucas Dauer

I’m so excited for the Hillel building on Plummer Street and the student lounge to be finished because I really like to study in groups! Having this space will be super beneficial for me and my other friends in the Jewish community!”

-Ally Walker

I’m excited to have a dedicated and professional space to share ideas with my co-interns and other student leaders. A physical conference room creates a much more engaging environment than a Zoom conference.

-Michael Buchiniskiy

I can’t wait to use the new space to host events for the Persian holidays and to introduce Persian and non-Persian peers to our traditions. The social hall will give us an incredible opportunity to bring together large groups of students for events of all shapes and sizes.

-Dorit Lavehim

The new beit midrash will be a great place for shabbat services, and also to study, play games, hang out, and have programming events! My sorority SAEPi works with Hillel a lot, so I’m hoping we can put on some super creative recruitment or sisterhood events in there.

-Kaitlyn Korn

I’m looking forward to using the fully kosher kitchen in the updated Hillel building! The kitchen is a wonderful place to cook kosher food and I’m already excited for the lunches, shabbat dinners, challah, and other goodies that we’re going to make!

-Sharona Schnall

I’ve been able to build such great connections with the Hillel staff members, and I’m excited to meet with them in person at the building after all this time! I can’t wait to see the new building and all the wonderful Hillel staff and interns there.

-David Tahoor

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