zClub and Virtual Programming

Hillel 818 Zoom Call

In response to Covid-19 and California's Stay At Home orders, Hillel 818 created an alternate calendar of programming.

We doubled down on our commitment to supporting you, and providing opportunities for students to connect to community, each other, and Judaism. 

We are offering new programming called zClubs to our students. These interest group focused programs cover 

everything, from Jewish learning with OU-JLIC, RSJ (Russian Speaking Jews), PCH (Persian Community at Hillel), to crafts! Click here to learn more about our zClubs and to find the perfect zClub for you!


Important note: This is what our programming looks like in non Covid times. Keep up to date on any programming updates by following us on social media, signing up for our community newsletter, or reaching out to the staff.

One of the best parts of belonging to a community is being together! We believe in connecting students to their Jewish identities and each other through diverse programming that reflects the needs and interests of our Hillel 818 community. We invest in what our students are passionate about and invite you to get involved and see for yourself! 


Bi-monthly Shabbat services and dinner are a staple of the Hillel 818 calendar. The Shabbat experience at Hillel aims to bring together students in a vibrant community setting. We hold services and dinner on the first and third Friday of each month; services start at 6:00 PM with a delicious (and free!) Kosher dinner to follow. Bring your family and friends! Some weeks we may feature “themed” Shabbat experiences; like Greek Life Shabbat, or Persian Shabbat. 



While we do not offer High Holiday programming at Hillel 818, we regularly host unique holiday programming for students to come, learn and celebrate the Jewish holiday calendar. Last year we created our own vision boards for Yom Kippur, and hosted stand up comedians in our Sukkah for Sukkot!


We recognize that our students represent a wide range of feelings about and relationships with Israel. Our Matadors for Israel club at CSUN is one of our largest student groups at Hillel 818, and regularly hosts cultural programs, speakers, advocacy sessions and discussions. We believe through a wide range of educational, advocacy and travel opportunities students can build an enduring and long lasting relationship with the State of Israel. 


Weekly Campus Lunches:

Join us for a slice of free kosher pizza at CSUN, Pierce, or LAVC! Our staff hosts weekly lunches across our three campuses for students to come and socialize in between classes. Some weeks may be hosted by one of our Hillel student groups, or include a guest speaker. Make sure to check our social media for dates and times! 

Social and Cultural Programming:

We are proud to host innovative art, culture, and social programming at Hillel 818. Stop by Hillel for a challah making class, join Ohmnaut (our arts & literary magazine group) for a print-making workshop, or get all dressed up for a night at the Hillel formal. Many of our best social programs have come from student initiatives! Have an idea for what you want to see at Hillel? Let us know!


Jewish Identity Groups: 

We are proud of the diverse Jewish community that lives in the San Fernando Valley, including some of the largest groups of Israeli-American, Persian and Russian Speaking Jewish populations. We’ve created special groups for our students who want to get more involved in their distinct heritage and connect with others who might feel the same. Or maybe you are just curious about Jewish customs and history unfamiliar to your own! Either way, Mishelanu (our Israeli-American group), RSJ (Russian Speaking Jews) and PCH (Persian Club at HIllel) has something for you. 


Jewish Learning:

Jewish learning at Hillel 818 takes many different forms, through weekly Mishmar Torah learning sessions with our Rabbi Bryan Borenstein (aka “Rabs”), one-half of our OU-JLIC Rabbinic Couple, to our 10-week semester long Jewish Learning Fellowship. Are you new to Judaism? Did you spend time at Jewish summer camp? Maybe go to day school? Are you planning on spending a semester abroad in Israel? Do you have absolutely no idea what we are talking about? No problem! There is space for everyone at Hillel. Bottom line: no matter where you are on your Jewish Journey, we want to support you in all the ways that we can. 

You can find out what is happening at Hillel 818 this week here!