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Hillel 818's May in Photos

Just because the semester came to the end doesn't mean Hillel 818 slowed down! From running a shuk on the CSUN campus to celebrating our graduates and our student leaders, we've made the most of the ending school year.

All Shuk Up: We held a shuk on the CSUN where students had the chance to build spice mixes, salt scrubs, have some Israeli snacks, and purchase homemade items from some of our student artisans.

Summer Shabbat: Our final Shabbat of the semester welcomed in summer with some lawn games and beach eats.

Cap Decorating: Graduating seniors got the chance to decorate their graduation caps and other students had the chance to decorate baseball caps.

Final Banquet: We celebrated our students and their accomplishments this past year, our graduating seniors, and our departing staff.

Israel Brunch & Learn: We were honored to have the Deputy Consul General of Israel come and engage in a really thoughtful and eye-opening dialogue about Israel.

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