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Intern Spotlight: Rose Siemen

For CSUN sophomore Rose Siemen, finding Hillel helped them find a new way to express themself. They told us, “I found out about Hillel through a club rush for students in campus housing. I went with my friend and I came across Hillel. I wanted to be a part of Hillel because growing up I didn't really have any resources to express my religion so I thought that Hillel would help provide me with that.”

Interning for Hillel 818 has not just given Rose a new outlet for creative expression but also for finding new friends. They said, “Hillel has definitely helped me make new friends, especially as a freshman that came during Covid. Now that I'm in my sophomore year, I found a lot more ways to interact with people and I've even had bonding moments with people that are close to me. As the Arts Kehilah Intern. I love putting together arts and crafts and coming up with crazy things to do.”

Hillel 818 has helped Rose explore and discover a greater Jewish community in the San Fernando Valley, telling us, “My favorite part about the Valley is that there are a lot of ways to be Jewish. If I don’t feel like there are enough activities where I’m at, I can go down to Tarzana and there are plenty of Jewish things to do there. There's a lot of different clusters of the Jewish community all over the Valley so if something doesn't meet my needs I can always go somewhere to find something fun to do.”

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