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Intern Spotlight: Tiffany Brown

Fourth year CSUN Marketing student Tiffany Brown has always loved the close knit Jewish community in the San Fernando Valley. She says, “I feel like my favorite part [about being Jewish in the Valley] is that everyone knows each other. The amount of people who I’ve talked to in my life who say ‘oh I did this, I was a part of that, I’ve been to this temple’ and they’ll say ‘Wait do you know this person?” and I’m like “I know them!’. I just think it’s really fun that there’s this really rich community in the Valley.”

It’s her connection to people in the Jewish community of the Valley that brought her into Hillel 818, with another student in the community bringing her into the fold. According to Tiffany, “I first became interested in Hillel when my friend Carrie let me know that there was going to be an event called Maccabiah Games. I am a hugely competitive person so I joined the first Hillel zoom for Maccabiah Games and ended up making some pretty good friends and ended up winning Maccabiah Games!”

While it may have taken prompting from another student to discover Hillel 818, Tiffany soon realized that Hillel had so much to offer.She said, “It’s given me a lot of opportunities that I didn’t think it would. Hillel is actually helping me get class credit right now working through my internship as the Social Media Intern. It’s shaped my skill set for what I want to do in life as a marketing major; social media is really important to me and getting to work with both Caroline [Schneider, Communications & Development Coordinator] this year and Julia [Martini, former Communications Coordinator] last year has really helped me round out my professional skills when it comes to that.”

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