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Alumni Spotlight: Avraham Wolf

Avraham Wolf knew from the beginning that he wanted to get involved with Hillel 818 while in college. “It was up the street from me and I wanted some Jewish engagement with people my age.” At Hillel 818, Avraham found exactly that – creating deep connections with other Jewish students that impacted his college experience. In fact when asked about his favorite memory, he cites the friendships made over any one event in particular: “there’s no one event that really stuck out to me, but it was the friends I made while at Hillel.”

While Avraham’s typical college experience was cut short because of the pandemic, he is looking forward to reconnecting with the friends he made at Hillel. Avraham graduated in 2021 from CSUN with a degree in Political Science and then received his Masters degree in Defense Development and Diplomacy from Durham University in the United Kingdom. And while he wouldn’t say Hillel has shaped his post-college experiences yet, he does think it will now that he’s back in the United States. “I wouldn’t say [Hillel 818] helped shape my post-college life because my post-college life was COVID and everything was still shut down at that point. So I think it’s going to now that I’ve moved back- I did my Master’s in the United Kingdom- the friends that I made at Hillel are the ones I’ve been reaching out to since moving back.”

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