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Intern Spotlight: Devereux Eulloqui

Senior Devereux “Dev” Eulloqui has been involved with Hillel 818 since he was a freshman at CSUN, having searched for a Jewish community he could join. Dev told us that, “When I was a freshman here [at CSUN], I had no sense of Jewish community back at home. I heard the San Fernando Valley has a pretty well-established Jewish community, so I did some research and searched around the school and I found Hillel 818. I started to come to events like Shabbat and Hillel made me feel well-connected and right at home.”

Dev has such a deep appreciation for the Jewish community of the Valley and LA, saying, “There’s so much diversity here. You find Jews from all different backgrounds; you’ll find Latino Jews, Black Jews, you’ll find Jews that are LGBTQ+, you’ll find all different kinds of Jewish people here in LA and I think that’s a beauty to offer.”

That diversity is also part of what made Dev want to be Hillel 818’s LGBTQIA+ Programming Intern. When asked about what excites him about this position, he said, “I’m excited to intern with Hillel because I feel like I have so many ideas I want to put out there for students. I definitely like to hear what students want to see at Hillel, planning that out and putting it all together has always been one of my favorite things, I like to bring the whole community together.”

This involvement with Hillel 818 is what Dev credits as helping make him who he is now, including his major, Jewish Studies. He says, “It has actually shaped me into being a well rounded person; as a scholar in school and as a Jewish person. I think Hillel has definitely helped me on a social level, to interact with more students around my age or in similar programs.”

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